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Roofing contractors are often in need to quickly produce a "roofing quote" - here we list mobile and PC/Mac based roofing calculators, and other roof estimating programes for contractors and homeowners.

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  • Roofing Calculator PRO - Android (Paid - $19.99) (Rating: 5.01, Votes: 98)
    Estimate any roof in second! Roof Estimating app made roofing contractors, estimators, home inspectors, and real estate agents. This program can estimate any roof, and will produce full list of materials and roof prices, roof sizes, etc. Fully customizable
  • (Rating: 4.51, Votes: 99)
    Estimate roof replacement prices for residential roofs, based on roof size, slope and roofing material to be installed (shingles, slate, cedar, or metal roof).
  • (Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)
    Roof measurement software for roofing contractors makes it a snap to estimate the size of the roof, order materials, and more.
  • PRO DBX (Rating: 9.41, Votes: 6)
    Pro DBX's Roofing Software takes the headache out of going through expenses, dealing with vendors, and everything else that goes into running your business. All-In-One Roofing Software saves you time and money. Dashboards are also customized to fit any company's needs, including color coding phases and work orders, or adding custom fields and other helpful information.
  • (Rating: 5.01, Votes: 99)
    A simple to use web-based roofing cost calculator for home owners and contractors. Includes roofing shingle calculator to estimate roof area, materials and costs.

Last Updated: 28-Dec-2022

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