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Rocky Mountain Snow Guards

Supplier/Distributor of snow guards and snow retention systems. Snow Guards are devices which attach to roof structures in a variety of manners in order to prevent the avalanching of snow from the roof, which can be hazardous to both pedestrians and properties alike. Snow Guards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and are installed with a specific quantity and pattern based on the shape, size and pitch of the roof to provide the most uniform system of retention possible. Snow Guards, also referred to as Snow Cleats, Snow Brackets, Snow Jacks, and Snow Pads are designed specifically to reduce snow movement and control the rate melting and subsequent breakdown of the roof's snow mass into smaller and therefore safer sections.

Current Rating: 8.01
Number of Votes: 97
Date Submitted: 22-Mar-2013
Last Updated: 23-May-2017

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