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Roofing information for contractor, architects, builders and homeowners. Discussions about roofing installation practices, usage of different roofing materials, roof safety, and choosing a roof manufacturers and a contractor for your project.

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  • Environmental Benefits of PVC roofing materials (Rating: 8.01, Votes: 97)
    Discusses PVC roofing membrane from environmental stand-point, and compares it to Tar, Asphalt, Rubber and TPO roofs in terms of life cycle, recycling, and land-fills pollution when roof is removed and disposed of.
  • Why Roofers Do Bad (crappy) Work (Rating: 8.01, Votes: 98)
    Excellent residential roofing industry review article by a roofing contractor from Boston. Article explains how roof installers are underpaid and hence perform bad work on customer's home, and how the whole industry is now structured to work that way.

Last Updated: 17-May-2015

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